Over 200,000 Idaho Residents Expected To Travel For Independence Day

Jul 2, 2017

People across the nation are getting out of town for Independence Day. AAA estimates 3.44 million Americans will fly to their destinations for the holiday.
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Tuesday is Independence Day and people across the nation are on the move for the holiday. Whether by air or by car, travelers should budget in some extra time to reach their 4th of July destinations.

Independence Day means fireworks, Uncle Sam, barbeques and a 24-hour loop of John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Increasingly, the holiday is becoming synonymous with getaways.

“Well 44.2 million Americans are going to be hitting the road,” says the public affairs manager of AAA Idaho, Matthew Conde. “Idahoans are going to represent about 221,000 of those travelers,” he says.

Popular destinations for those making the most of what could be a particularly long holiday weekend include national parks. With parks a sizable distance away, Conde says be prepared for your long haul drive.

“The most common things we see this time of year are flat tires, dead batteries and lockouts,” he says. Although it sounds simple, Cond emphasizes remembering to “have your key in the pocket. Make sure your tires are in great shape, and make sure your battery is holding a good charge.”

Those flying should allow a bit of extra time at the airport, as some 3.4 million Americans take to the skies to get to their holiday destinations.

Finally, Conde says AAA realizes it’s a holiday and people will be celebrating. He emphasizes not mixing alcohol with driving or outdoor activities, “at least in excess.”

Conde says, “We don’t want to add alcohol to the mix and create a very dangerous situation. We’ve got to be somewhat practical about the fact that everyone wants to have a good time.”

AAA expects this to be the most-traveled 4th of July on record.

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