Park In Downtown Boise? Rates Could Be Going Up

Oct 11, 2017

Parking rates in downtown Boise's garages could be going up due an increase in demand and maintenance costs.
Credit Henk Sijgers / Flickr

Capital City Development Corporation, Boise's urban renewal agency, is considering raising rates in parking structures downtown.  Both hourly and monthly rates could be going up.

Starting with the good news: The first hour free policy will remain, but after that, prepare to pay – more – to park.

Under what CCDC is terming a possible “price adjustment,” the hourly parking rate would be hiked 50 cents from $2.50 an hour to $3.00. All-day parking on the weekends would climb from five to six dollars, and a day pass during the week would jump from $12 to $15. CCDC says monthly rates could increase anywhere from 17 to 30 percent.

The agency is thinking about raising the price to park because maintenance costs and demand are going up.

The public can comment on the proposed new rates at the group's meeting Monday, November 13 or provide feedback online ahead of the event. If the cost to park does go up, it wouldn't go into effect until February of next year.

CCDC oversees six garages in downtown Boise. The city's core is home to some 17,000 parking spaces with metered sidewalk parking accounting for only 1,300 of the spots.

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