PHOTO: This 18-Year-Old Idaho Girl Rebuilt A Classic Car For School

Mar 3, 2017

Jaeden Forrey took on an unusual school assignment.

“This is my 1970 Monte Carlo," says Forrey. "I got it – not this last Christmas but the Christmas before. And I got it [when it] had no paint, no engine, no transmission, no interior. So I did all the body work, I did all the engine work and interior work on it.”

The 18-year-old senior studies autobody repair at the Dennis Technical Center in Boise. (Read more about the center from our "Financing the Future" series here.) She says before she came to the school, she wanted to become a veterinarian. But that all changed when a gift from her mom became her favorite school project.

“My mother wanted me to have something to work on the next couple of years. She thought it would take two or four years," laughs Forrey. "I got it done in less than a year.”

Forrey says her teachers at the Dennis Tech Center taught her how to fix the car, which she painted bright orange “because it’s so different." She plans to show it at the Roadster Show in Boise this month.

“It’s just a classic car show. They give out prizes; I’m not expecting to win any, I just want to show everybody that an 18-year-old girl can build a car too.”

Forrey plans to race her car, and can’t wait to show it off around town.

“Yes, I do drag race," she says. "This will be my racing vehicle and it will be a street-able car. I don’t want to just race it."

The teen says going to the career-technical school has helped her figure out what she wants to do after high school.

“I plan on going to CWI next year and do their automotive body program instead of becoming a vet. I love seeing my final project. And having the teachers help me to make something so beautiful happen and teach me how to make beautiful things is amazing.”

Next up? Forrey says she wants to rebuild an old truck.

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