Report Finds Idaho Has Highest Level Of Cyberbullying

Aug 25, 2017

While the report finds Idaho leads in cyberbullying, other rural states like Montana and Wyoming also have high rates of digital abuse.
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A new report finds Idaho students face more cyberbullying than kids in any other state. While the Gem State tops the list, other rural states also rank highly.

The Idaho Department of Education says one in five high school students has been cyberbullied. That backs up new findings from education company Educents which says a little over 21 percent of 9-12 graders have been the victims of cyberbullying. The report says 26 percent of high schoolers have reported on-campus bullying.

According to the Statesman, girls faced more harsh words online than boys – 31 percent of girls say they’ve been bullied over the internet versus just 11 percent of boys.

Rates of cyberbullying were also high in Idaho’s rural neighbors. Over 17 percent of high school students in Wyoming and a little more than 18 percent in Montana report being cyberbullied. Instances of harsh words being used on campus were also high in the two states coming in at nearly 24 and 25 percent for Wyoming and Montana respectively.

In 2015, the Idaho legislature passed a law specifically adding cyberbullying to the existing anti-bullying code.

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