Shoshone Falls Will Put On Show Through End Of The Year

Dec 15, 2017

In April, as all the snow from last year's punishing winter melted, flows over Shoshone Falls peaked around 20,000 cubic feet per second. By May, the flow rate over the falls had settled around 12,000 cfs, but they still dazzled. If you missed the show in the spring, water managers are again upping the water that will tumble over the Niagara of the West.

Up the Snake River from the falls, the Milner Dam is releasing enough water between now and the end of the year to make the falls shine again. Flows this week are up to 5,000 cfs and are expected to rise to 7,000 next week.

While water releases typically happen in the spring to be used for summer irrigation, the Upper Snake Reservoirs are already full. Experts are making room and, in turn, putting a show on at the 212-foot tall falls.

Winter visitors to the falls are encouraged to dress warm and be mindful of icy patches at scenic overlooks.

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