Software Company Declara To Expand Its Boise Office

Apr 23, 2014

Declara's founder Ramona Pierson's personal story often overshadows her business and technology achievements. At age 22 she was hit by a car leaving her blind and unable to walk. It took years of surgeries to restore her sight, crushed legs and fix her other injuries.

A software company with an Idaho presence is expanding its operations thanks to an influx of cash. Palo Alto-based Declara announced a new $16 million investment Wednesday.

The company’s Boise office of 10 developers will double because of that, a spokesman says. It also plans to expand its offices in California and Mexico.

Declara was founded in 2012. It makes something that’s a little like the offspring of a social network and a search engine. The software is meant to help people in large organizations find information and collaborate.

The Wall Street Journal described it this way:

“It bills itself as a ‘social learning platform’ that helps people search through vast amounts of content when they aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for — but want to expand their knowledge in ways that they can loosely describe.” -

Bloomberg Businessweek had this take:

"It’s a type of social network that links everyone in a company or an organization. With the help of algorithms ………….Declara’s system learns how people interact, what types of questions they’re looking to answer, and who can best answer them." - Bloomberg Businessweek

Its main clients are in the education sector in Mexico, Australia and Chile. They include Mexico’s million-and-a-half member teachers' union and an organization that provides training for all of Australia’s public school teachers.

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