Stealth Drive 2017

May 5, 2017

Welcome to Boise State Public Radio's Stealth Drive. That meme on the left is funny, but it's also the exact feeling we're trying to emulate over the next few weeks.

A "stealth drive" is different than the other membership drives you hear throughout the year because during a stealth drive, we have zero intentions of fundraising on air. Yep, that's right – we don't want to interrupt a single moment of your shows, music or news.

Here's the deal: Help us reach our budget-year goal by Monday, June 5 and we won't go on the air. It's that simple.

We've got a handy thermometer on our homepage that we'll update daily so you know exactly where we're at with our goal. And, as soon as we reach that $120,000 mark, that's it! The stealth drive is over and we don't interrupt your stations.

So, what do you say? We hope you'll consider becoming a member if you aren't one already, or perhaps increase the level of your current sustaining membership to help us reach our goal. You can give right here online at our secure giving page, or call in your gift to 1-800-359-8411.

Help us round out this budget year so we can focus on the stuff that's really important: Giving you quality public radio!