T-1 Issue Affecting Boise State Public Radio Headquarters

Jun 17, 2017

Update: As of 3:25 p.m. Thursday, CenturyLink has made their repair and resolved the T-1 issue. Our engineers are currently reconfiguring our program streams back to quality levels. We appreciate your patience during this outage.

Original Post: There has been a CenturyLink T-1 Outage that is affecting the entire Parkcenter area. What does this mean? 

We have lost connectivity to Twin Falls, KBSW, KBSJ and KBSY since 6 a.m. Saturday. We also lost our connection to Deerpoint, KBSU and KBSX. We are operating on the backup STL to Deerpoint so KBSX & KBSU are on the air. 

We have an engineer en route to Twin Falls to set up a streaming feed at CSI to get KBSW, KBSJ, and KBSY back on the air.