Talking About Commitment With Idaho Author Heidi Reeder

Aug 1, 2014

Businesses seeking to increase productivity, athletes striving to improve their performance, and couples intent on strengthening their relationship share this in common: To get what they’re after, they’ll need more than motivation. They’ll need commitment.

Heidi Reeder is an expert on how commitment enables organizations and individuals to reach their goals. Her new book, "Commit to Win," unpacks 40 years of research by psychologists and economists to bust the many myths about commitment and explain why it’s important.

A recent review in The Economist magazine described "Commit to Win" as, "Packed with intelligence and clarity of both thought and expression. Learned, yet eminently accessible. It is a rare pleasure.” High praise, indeed, for Reeder’s book.

Reeder is an associate professor of communication at Boise State University and was the Carnegie Foundation Idaho Professor of the Year in 2007.

She blogs for Psychology Today and has been featured on The Today Show and on Life and Style. She has authored articles for leading communication and social psychology journals and provides keynotes and workshops for many professional organizations.

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