On The Thursday, June 7, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

Jun 6, 2018
  • The state of the state's educational funding.
  • Efforts to draw down the cost of childcare.
  • Idaho surpasses Oregon to become #2 producer of hops.
  • Folk music legends The Kingston Trio visit the Treasure Valley.

- The funding formula for K-12 education in Idaho is a complicated equation that was established 24 years ago.  Idaho Education Association president Kari Overall joins us to discuss the stability of the funding mechanism and how it can be improved.

- The average cost of childcare in Idaho in 2017 was just above $7,000 a year and the price of care will increase with the population of the Treasure Valley. Idaho Matters will discuss the burden childcare costs place on Idaho's working families and efforts to bring down those costs.

- Hops are the bitter, piney flower of the hop plant, and when fermented with malted barley and water, they create beer. Ninety-eight percent of hop cultivation takes place in the Northwest and Idaho just surpassed Oregon to become the second-largest producer of hops. Idaho Matters speaks with hop growers and the Idaho Brewers Association about how this little flower is changing the dynamics of the state's agricultural economy.

- The Kingston Trio have been performing as a folk and pop group for more than 60 years. Channeling the spirits of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie, they crafted a sound that set the bar for contemporary folk music by fusing accoustic instrumentation, harmonized vocals and socially relevent subject matter into their songs. The Kingston Trio is scheduled to perform at the Morrison Center Thursday night and they will join Gemma Gaudette in studio to talk about a career that spans seven decades.