Treasure Valley Company Hires Boise Refugees To Help Launch New Product

Oct 30, 2017

Rita Thara-Yenga has a lot to celebrate these days. The refugee was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but recently became an American citizen.

“Two months ago, yeah," she says. "I waited for that for a long time. It’s not easy.”

The young woman is also celebrating her new job at Scentsy. The Meridian-based company is known for its wickless and flameless candles.

Now, they’re manufacturing bath bombs – which are scented, dissolving soaps.

The company hired 100 new workers to get the new product to market before the holidays. Eight of those new hires are refugees like Thara-Yenga. She says she likes working at Scentsy, and that it inspires her – as well as helping to pay the bills.

“You need [a] job to get money…but sometimes you need [a] job to learn from the job, to get some inspiration for the future.”

But the placement at the company is only until the end of December. Company representatives say depending on how the bath bomb sales go, they hope to move the refugees into full-time positions with benefits.

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