On The Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Sep 17, 2018
  • Idaho is ranked the worst in country for working moms.
  • A Nampa think tank looks at "healthy" modes of growth.

Please enjoy these encore presentations from Idaho Matters:

A recent report from Wallethub found Idaho to be ranked the worst state in the nation to be a working mom. Metrics including quality, cost and availability of child care, school quality, number of pediatricians and gender pay gap found the Gem State dead last; Vermont ranked first. We speak with State Representative Ilana Rubel and Sharon Paterson from Boise State University's sociology department about ways to make Idaho more accommodating for working mothers. First aired 5/9/18.

- The Healthy Impact Nampa Coalition is looking at growth in their region in terms of cultivating the healthiest community it can. The council is looking at housing, transportation, food access and other areas that can impact both the well being of the indivdual resident and the health of the community. We speak with the program's manager about new ways to look at growth. First aired 7/23/18.