Two Idaho Teens Charged In Brutal Beating Of 15-Year-Old Boy

Jun 8, 2017

Credit Visitor7 / Wikimedia Commons

Two Idaho teenagers have been charged with brutally beating a 15-year-old boy who was left bloodied and unconscious in a park in Nampa last month.

The boy is still hospitalized after spending a week in an intensive care unit.

Nampa Sgt. Tim Riha declined to identify the suspects because they are under age 18. They were arrested after police spoke with some of the friends of the victim, Jason Cooley Jr., Riha said.

Jason was found by his mother after she called him and someone else answered his phone.

"I said, 'Jason?' and a squeaky voice on the other end said, 'No, you should come get your son he's really bloody," said the mother, Lisa Warren.

She said her son had asked her to drop him off at a friend's house the night of the beating. He told her it would be quick, so she texted him 20 minutes after dropping him off for a ride back, but did not receive an answer. After 28 minutes, she said she called him and the stranger answered the phone. She then went to the park and found her son unconscious.

"I just saw him laying there and I knelt down by him, and at first I just thought he had his butt whipped because there just blood everywhere," Warren said. "Then I touched the top of his head and I thought his skull was caved in, it just felt like I was sinking my fingers in to Jell-O."

After treatment in intensive care, Jason Cooley was recently moved to a neurological ward, where he is recovering from head injuries and a broken nose.

Warren said her son is now better physically, but that it could take a year for him to recover.

"Just yesterday he wasn't sure who I was," Warren said. "He thought I was his brother, and the day earlier he thought I was his girlfriend."

Canyon County Spokesman Joe Decker said on Tuesday the Prosecuting Attorney's Office would not comment on whether the suspects will be charged as adults.