Update: KBSS Service Restored

Apr 25, 2016

UPDATE: As of 3:06 p.m. Tuesday, we are very pleased to announce that regular KBSS programming service to the Wood River Valley has been restored. Today, technicians from CenturyLink repaired the leased T-1 line that provides our programming service audio feed to the Seattle Ridge KBSS transmitter, which service the greater Wood River Valley.

Service has been provided during this outage through a temporary audio feed received off our distant Jackpot, NV transmitter KBSJ. We also are pleased to announce that we have installed a new programming feed back-up via wireless data technology that can be utilized in the event of a future, short term T-1 line failure.

UPDATE: A CenutryLink technician is slated to service the KBSS site as soon as tomorrow (Tuesday, April 26). We will update with the progress.

We are currently experiencing a loss of power to our KBSJ site. With our Sine remote relays failing, we have disabled the backup generator for that site. With the T1 issues in Ketchum, we have been feeding the Wood River Valley area with our signal from Jackpot. So, when the power goes out at KBSJ, we lose KBSS as well.

Our engineers suspect bad weather over northern Nevada could be causing the power issues. They expect when the weather improves, so will our power issue. We apologize for the inconvenienceĀ and will keep this post updated with the newest information.