Vogue: Boise Is A Culinary Hotspot And Travel Destination

May 25, 2017

Apparently, Vogue is really into Idaho these days.

The formidable magazine published an online article titled “Why Boise, Idaho, Is a Growing Culinary Hotspot.” The piece, written by Jen Murphy, gives an overview of some of the well-loved local spots in the Capital City. Among them: Guru Donuts, the Basque Marketplace, Red Feather Lounge and State & Lemp.

“Food pilgrims, those obsessively nerdy eaters who travel for star-chef meals and Instagram-sensation dishes, have a surprising new stop in the Northwest: Boise, Idaho. The burgeoning capital city is having a culinary renaissance spurred by creative young chefs, artisans, brewers, and even winemakers. With a population of just over 218,000, Boise feels like a mini Seattle or Portland, Oregon, minus the culinary pretension.” -- Vogue

This isn’t the first time Vogue has taken a liking to Idaho in recent months. Their December 30, 2016 web story “The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017” – also by Jen Murphy – included Idaho on a list with places like Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Boise’s Modern Hotel was highlighted on both lists, giving the contemporary lodging destination some high-caliber attention. Modern owner Elizabeth Tullis says she was not expecting to be in the article the first time – or this time, either. But she's not surprised Boise continues to get a nod from Vogue's online editors.

"I think Boise has become top on many lists, and because of that the Modern stands out,” says Tullis.

Tullis says neither she nor her staff have been interviewed by Vogue, but the stories have contributed to a spike in traffic to their website. She says it's not clear whether they've gained out-of-town business because of the publicity, but guests have mentioned the article when they check-in.

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