Yellowstone Breaks Visitation Records For 2015…So Far

Jul 14, 2015

Credit USEPA / Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re thinking about making a trek to the country’s first national park this summer, you are far from alone. About 1.3 million people have visited Yellowstone National Park so far this year, which represents a nearly 20 percent increase over last year.

Yellowstone officials say almost 800,000 visitors came through in June, which broke that month’s previous record by 12 percent.

The park – which includes a section of Fremont County in eastern Idaho – boasts some of the most iconic animals and features in the West. Idaho is closest to the west entrance to the park, which saw a double digit increase in entrants.

The uptick in visitors could continue into July – typically the busiest month at Yellowstone.  

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