Elmore County

Summit Environmental/ProTech, provided via DEQ/Idaho Statesman

Last year, Mountain Home Air Force Base sent a shipment of hazardous waste to a municipal landfill outside of Boise. The material is the leftovers of a chemical-resistant coating used on buildings that contains a substance linked to cancer. Idaho Matters finds out what was dumped, the threat from the substance and remediation efforts.

Paul Boehlke / AP

A fluke discovery of human bones protruding from a badger hole in southwestern Idaho has investigators trying to determine if they have discovered a double homicide or the disturbed grave of young 19th century pioneers who died going west on the nearby Oregon Trail, authorities said Tuesday.

Authorities thought one body was at the site in high desert sagebrush steppe discovered by state fish and game workers who stumbled across the bones while out on a routine patrol.