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Boise, ID – After a near 2000-mile horseback ride on the Pony Express Trail, Idaho resident Tom Noll is back home.

It took eight weeks for Noll and his two horses to cross prairie, mountains, and desert in eight states.  Back in May, he said the trip took more than a year’s worth of planning.  Emily Schwing sat down with Noll to talk about his journey.

Read Tom Noll’s email dispatches here.

Cubs Day

Aug 15, 2011

Today in Boise it’s Chicago Cubs Day. That’s the pronouncement from the mayor’s office. The owner of the Windy City Baseball club is in town to review his affiliate team, the Boise Hawks. Tom Ricketts will also speak to Boise’s Chamber of Commerce about the future of baseball in Boise.


BOISE, Id – Scientists can use DNA from hair, saliva, even scat to track a bear or a mountain lion.  But it’s a lot harder to track and study say a frog, until now.

Salamanders are shy so it’s tough for scientists to find them in a lake or stream.  So researchers at the University of Idaho teamed up with the U-S Geological Survey to find a new way to track salamanders and other animals under water.

Lisette Waits “The key thing that’s happening is we’re extracting DNA from cells that the organism has left behind.”


BOISE, id – Last month, we brought you the story of the Boise Front Butterfly Count.  A dedicated group of volunteers counts and catalogues butterflies in Southern Idaho.  The count happens each year in July.  Doctor Paul Castrovillo is the Butterfly Curator at the Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History.  It’s at the College of Idaho.  He directs the Butterfly Count.

Boise State Athletic Director Is Out of the Game

Aug 11, 2011

Gene Bleymaier made Boise State University’s football field blue. He hired the coach who would lead the Broncos to national prominence on that field. But as Adam Cotterell reports Boise State’s longtime athletic director won’t have the chance to leave his mark on any more Bronco sports.

Greenbelt Bike Ban Protest

Aug 11, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Nature trail.  Not suitable for bikes.  Those are some of the reasons Garden City officials say a dismount zone is needed on a chunk of the Greenbelt.  A non-profit group isn’t happy about that.

The bike ban begins on the North side of the Boise River, just up the road from City Hall in Garden City.  It lasts for a mile and a half.  Cyclists must dismount or take another route that runs along city streets.  If they don’t, they can be fined seventy-four dollars plus court costs.  Garden City Mayor John Evans says he plans to keep the bike ban in place.

14 Million Dollars Or Larger Classes

Aug 10, 2011

Voters in Boise have known for months they’d be asked to pay more to help their school district. But, “how much” has remained an open question. This week  Boise School District officials answered….14 million dollars. As Boise State Public Radio’s Adam Cotterell reports, getting voters to approve the levy may prove a challenge.


BOISE, Id – Over the past few weeks, some storm drains around Boise have been fitted with what look like thick, old-fashioned welcome mats.

Cars zip by along Americana in Boise, between two city parks.  On both sides of the street, light brown fiber mats cover up the storm drains.

Jason Korn “We’re looking at a Blocksom Filter; it is a natural fiber mat that is zip-tied to the storm drain to keep pollutants from entering the storm drain system and ultimately the Boise River.”

BOISE, ID. – Idaho’s Department of Water Resources wants to find out how much groundwater is in the Wood River Valley.  There’s concern the water supply there is dwindling. 

Confused Market Signals

Aug 9, 2011

Any Idahoan with investments, savings, loans, or a retirement plan is affected by what happens on Wall Street. They’ll see what the market does Tuesday after Monday’s sharp drop.  


BOISE, Id – Women who survive breast cancer are often left with a scar on their body and their self-esteem.  Many turn to prosthetics to recreate what they once had.  But it’s hard to build a prosthetic breast.  New 3D technology will help women in the Treasure Valley with the process.

Tessie VanHoff is a petite 47-year-old woman with spikey dark hair.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.  At age 43, she was left with a lot of questions.

Unemployment Hits Idaho Hispanics Harder

Aug 8, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Hispanics or Latinos account for about one in every nine Idahoans according to Census 2010.  But unemployment among Hispanics tends to run higher than the overall rate. 

BOISE, ID. – A new Veteran’s Monument will be dedicated in Cascade Saturday.  The centerpiece is a bronze statue.  It portrays Army Specialist John Borbonus who died to protect his fellow soldiers. 


Aug 4, 2011

Nostalgic for the days when you could fill your car for a buck and a half a gallon? Thursday a place opens where you can do just that. The catch is, it’s not gasoline but natural gas. Idaho’s first public CNG fueling station opens in Boise and later this month one in Nampa starts pumping. This comes at a time when Idaho is trying to decide what it wants to do about natural gas extraction.


BOISE, Id –The forecast in Boise Thursday calls for a high of 95.  That’s two degrees above normal.  You hear that a lot from forecasters talking about temperatures, whether they’re above normal, below normal.

Idaho’s new normal temperature has everything to do with the 1970’s.

George Skari “We just came out with new normal that began in 1981 through 2010, we got rid of the ‘70s.”


George Skari is a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boise.