Mountain Lion

USFWS Mountain-Prairie / Flickr Creative Commons

Mountain lions in the Wood River Valley have forced wildlife managers to make some hard choices this winter.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

State officials have captured a female mountain lion and her three kittens in a residential area near the eastern Idaho city of Pocatello and relocated them to a more remote spot.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said Monday that workers with a dog treed the mountain lion kittens weighing from 35 to 50 pounds on Thursday and used catch poles to extricate them from the branches.

Officials say workers treed the adult cougar Friday and used a tranquilizer dart.

Fish and Game says the four mountain lions were reunited and released in a remote area later Friday.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

One dog has died and another is injured after they were apparently attacked by a mountain lion in a subdivision south of Ketchum.

Wildlife officials trapped and released the mountain lion in a remote area after the Thursday attacks, The Idaho Mountain Express reported.

A female Australian shepherd, named Pepper, died from her wounds after the attack in the Gimlet neighborhood and a male yellow Labrador retriever, named Barkley, is recuperating.

Courtesy of Idaho Fish and Game

File this in your Idaho oddities folder: a hunter killed a mountain lion with a second set of teeth and whiskers growing on top of its head last week. As the Idaho State Journal reports, the year-old animal has Idaho Fish and Game biologists scratching their heads. They have never seen anything like it.

But the scientists do have some theories about what could have caused this abnormal growth.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Idaho Fish and Game officers and Garden City police tracked down and killed a mountain lion in Garden City Thursday.  The animal was shot along the Boise River Greenbelt in the Riverside subdivision around 5:30 p.m.

An eyewitness says the cougar was under his front porch. It ran from that location and the chase began.  Police, conservation officers and a houndsman tracked the animal through backyards and common areas in the subdivision.  They say they were hoping to tree the animal, tranquilize it and then move it to another location.

USFWS Mountain Prarie / Flickr Creative Commons

A mountain lion has likely attacked four dogs in Boise in the last month. Early Tuesday morning a woman reported seeing an animal attack her two dogs in her east Boise back yard. She thought it was a bobcat. One of the dogs was later found dead. Idaho Fish and Game officers examined bite marks on the body and on the injured animal and determined they came from a young mountain lion.

Mountain Lion Hunt Fails, Traps Will Be Set

Oct 26, 2012
Anthonut / Flickr

The hunt for a mountain lion in Garden City this morning ended unsuccessfully. Idaho Fish and Game led the hunt. Officials searched for the animal along both sides of the Boise River from Eagle Road to Les Bois Park. Hound dogs were used to get the scent of the lion, but no sign of the animal was traced.

Anthonut / Flickr

A pet dog was injured after an attack by a mountain lion.  The attack occurred in Garden City’s Meadowcreek subdivision Thursday night. 

No one was home at the time of the attack.  The cougar jumped a six foot high fence and attacked the dog.  Two other dogs in the yard were not hurt.

An Urban Wildlife Specialist, Eric Hansen, with USDA Wildlife Services, examined the dog and confirmed its wounds were caused by a mountain lion.

Boise PD Officer Spots Mountain Lion Friday

Oct 5, 2012

A Boise police officer spotted a mountain lion this morning near the intersection of 31st Street and Pleasanton Street.  That’s not far from a local kayaking shop and Whittier Elementary School.    

Police say the animal took off after it saw the officer.  It happened around 9:30.   It was the fourth cougar sighting in the area this week and the first by law enforcement.

UPDATE 10:45a.m.:

The mountain lion’s future is uncertain.  Evin Oneale is with Idaho Fish and Game.  He says it will all depend on the situation.  He says cougars come into the city all the time, but usually they pass through and are never seen by people. 

He says this lion may be young and looking for territory.  It may also have followed deer which have been pushed into the area thanks to a dry summer and fall.

Adam Cotterell / Boise State Public Radio

Early Tuesday morning a Boise police officer shot and killed a mountain lion on the Boise State campus. Idaho Fish and Game Senior Conservation Officer Matt O’Connell says it’s likely the same cat that was first spotted in an east Boise foothills neighborhood Friday...and seen several times Monday morning near downtown. O’Connell says police responded to calls from Boise State staffers who saw the lion eating from a dumpster near the student union building. He says that’s unusual behavior for this species.

Mountain Lion Spotted in Downtown Boise, BSU Campus

May 21, 2012
California Department of Fish and Game

Boise Police and Idaho Fish and Game are on the lookout for a mountain lion spotted in several downtown locations this morning. Boise State University issued an automated phone alert after the animal was sighted on campus, near the Friendship Bridge at 5:57 AM.