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President Donald Trump may have shelved an endorsement that could have been a factor in one of Idaho’s most contentious gubernatorial primaries.

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An Idaho citizen’s committee has voted overwhelmingly to close a pension loophole for state legislators.

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Residents of Ontario, Oregon voted Tuesday to legalize recreational marijuana sales.

Idaho Fish and Game

After a lengthy career in wildlife management, Idaho’s Fish and Game director will retire. Virgil Moore has served as Idaho’s top fish and wildlife official since 2011.

Public lands advocates across the Mountain West are calling Tuesday's midterm election a big win for conservation. Several races in the region favored candidates with strong public lands platforms.

Idaho Capitol Dome
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Democrats won’t occupy any of Idaho’s statewide offices after Tuesday’s election, but they did make inroads at the state legislature.

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Idaho's Lieutenant Governor, Brad Little, won the governorship in Tuesday's general election. He joins Idaho Matters to talk about coming off of the campaign trail to prepare to assume the role as the Gem State's chief executive.


Democrat Diana Lachiondo edged out incumbent Republican Jim Tibbs for the District 1 seat on the Ada County Commission, the first commission term to have a majority of women on the board. Lachiondo joins us to parse out the mission of the new commission.

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Idaho Matters breaks down the results of Tuesday's elections with Kevin Richert of Idaho Education News, Betsy Russell of the Idaho Press, Boise State assistant professor of political science Jaclyn Kettler and political analyst Justin Vaughn.

Matt Guilhem / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho residents elected a new governor, a new lieutenant governor and decided on a pair of voter initiatives at the polls yesterday. Matt Guilhem spoke to BYU-Idaho political science professor Matthew Miles about the election and started by asking what most stood out to him.

Live election results: Get the latest on Idaho's propositions and races for governor, Senate and House. 


Idaho Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan was confident well into election night, but in the end, a motivated liberal base wasn’t enough to overcome long odds. The Associated Press called the race in favor of Republican Lt. Gov. Brad Little just before 11:00 p.m. Tuesday night.


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After more than six years of inaction at the state legislature, Idahoans overwhelmingly signed-off on expanding Medicaid coverage to the state’s working poor.

James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

After nearly two years of campaigning, Republican Lt. Governor Brad Little has won his promotion to Idaho’s top office.

City of Twin Falls

This year, the two propositions on the ballot sparked a lot of interest across Idaho, and the Magic Valley was no exception. Polls were steadily busy from the time the doors opened on Tuesday morning.

The area had seen record turnout for early and absentee voting, up 75 percent this year over the 2014 midterms.


Ken Bohr had to wait in line at a polling place in a church in a rapidly growing neighborhood of Twin Falls. He’s against Proposition 1,for historic horse racing. "I’m not that much for gambling" he said, "and I hate to see Idaho money going to peoples’ pockets in other states."