Road Closure

Downtown Boise Association

Boise’s 32nd annual Twilight Criterium will take over much of downtown on Saturday with about 350 cyclists expected to compete. This day-long event will bring several road closures to the area.

Idaho Transportation Department

Replacing the Broadway Bridge is about to get very noisy. The Idaho Transportation Department says crews will start pile driving Wednesday morning.

Pile driving is when steel beams are mounted on a crane and driven into the ground. Each pile is 65-feet long. A total of 168 piles will be hammered deep into the river bed to support the bridge foundation.

Idaho Transportation Department

The Broadway Bridge is the preferred route for thousands of cars each day. But commuters will have to find a different route once the bridge closes down January 4.

Idaho Transportation Department officials have closed a 12-mile stretch of State Highway 21 in central Idaho due to potential avalanches.

The agency closed the road Friday morning from Grandjean Junction to Banner Summit.

Officials say it's unclear when it will reopen.

That section of road is known as Avalanche Alley because it has about 60 avalanche chutes and 90 percent of the avalanches causing problems on Idaho roads.