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9th Circuit To Rule On Sex Reassignment Surgery For Idaho Inmate

On a late afternoon in September 2015, a 27-year-old transgender inmate named Adree Edmo wrote a note in her cinder block prison cell in Idaho. She wanted to be clear that what she was about to do was not an attempt at suicide.

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Idaho Unemployment Rate Drops Again For April

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Downtown Boise Boom Continues: More Apartments To Come

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After a court order forced the state to allow trans residents to change their gender on their birth certificates, state health officials are pushing back.

Amanda Peacher / Boise State Public Radio

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in San Francisco Thursday in the case of transgender inmate in Idaho Adree Edmo, who sued to get sex reassignment surgery. A lower court judge ruled in her favor, but the state of Idaho appealed that decision.

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Even as state lawmakers have tried to make it exponentially harder to get an initiative on the ballot, one man is suing in federal court to make it easier.

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The escalating trade tensions with China are not only impacting the national economy – they’re hitting Idaho businesses.

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Street closures are pretty common these days around Boise with all of the road work going on. But it’s not every day traffic gets diverted due to a house in the middle of the street. That’s exactly what’s been happening behind St. Luke’s Hospital since early May, though.

Idaho Gold Mine, Yellow Pine Pit
Courtesy Midas Gold Corp.

The Stibnite Foundation was recently established with nearly $1 million from Midas Gold, the company hoping to reopen the Stibnite mine in west-central Idaho. But there’s an ethical quandary over whether or not the foundation ties local cities and counties too closely to the mine’s success or failure.



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The debate about what Canyon County should do to address its jail problem continues to swirl. Local officials are hosting a series of town hall meetings ahead of a bond measure set to go before voters Tuesday, May 21.


The Bureau of Land Management has banned fireworks and exploding targets this summer in Idaho.

David Walsh / Bureau of Reclamation

Kayakers, rafters and boaters beware: a logjam is causing a safety hazard on one of Idaho’s most popular whitewater rivers.

Preservation Idaho

Boise’s North End neighborhood could be expanding by several homes. Plans are in the works to turn a historic property once owned by the Salvation Army into a residential development.


Our new journalist in Twin Falls

Listeners in the Magic and Wood River Valleys have long been asking Boise State Public Radio to improve coverage of the issues important to them.

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Idaho Republicans And Democrats Come Together To Form National Institute For Civil Discourse

The National Institute for Civil Discourse was established in 2011 following the shooting in Tucson that killed six and injured 13, including former U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Today, the Institute is creating 50 advisory boards to be positioned in each state.

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