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Boise State President Marlene Tromp Takes On Diversity Issues In First Address

Marlene Tromp didn’t shy away from controversy in her first campus address as president of Boise State University Wednesday morning.

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Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise welcomed into the world a pair of baby red pandas this summer. The cubs are healthy, and growing as they should, according to Zoo Boise.

Darin Oswald, Idaho Statesman

Usually, the Sunday before school starts is the last day to enjoy a dip in one of Boise’s seven public pools. (The indoors Aquatics Center located in the Downtown Boise YMCA is technically a Boise public pool, and is open year-round.) But in response to community requests, Boise is breaking tradition this year, keeping Borah pool open almost two weeks longer, and extending Ivywild’s hours through Labor Day weekend.


Midas Gold

The charitable giving arm of Midas Gold, the Stibnite Foundation, recently announced the formation of its board. The group will decide how mine money is awarded to local causes.


Idaho Statesman

Idaho Education News reported Monday that only 21% of Idaho School Districts protect both sexual orientation and gender identity through their policies. Slightly larger percentages protect sexual orientation or gender identity individually.


Molly Wampler, Boise State Public Radio

Thick smoke from summertime wildfires can present major health risks. Prediction models help locals prepare for poor air quality to come, but the data behind those models is not as conclusive as we might think.


City of Boise

Boise is pulling back the reins on its new library proposal and an advisory vote that was scheduled for later this year. 

James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho officials are focusing their attention on the state’s growing opioids and substance abuse problems.

University of Idaho

C. Scott Green took over as the new University of Idaho President last month. Green is now the fourth University of Idaho President in only 10 years. This Thursday, he appeared on Idaho Matters to discuss his new role and the challenges that come with it.


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Washington State University is ending their firearm storage services for students, saying no universities offer these services anymore. But a similar program still exists in Idaho.



Another Round: Twin Falls

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After His Ouster, A Conversation With Boise Contemporary Theater's Founder

On Monday, Boise Contemporary Theater's founding Artistic Director Matthew Cameron Clark sent a scathing letter criticizing the nonprofit's board of trustees. The letter was a reaction to his firing earlier this summer. We speak with Clark to hear more about the controversy, and then get analysis from Boise State Public Radio's George Prentice. Be sure to listen to his interview earlier this week with Will Fowler, the chairman of BCT's Board of Trustees.

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How one Idaho case could change the way prisons treat transgender inmates.

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