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"Green, Leafy Substance" Seized By ISP In Alleged Drug Bust Staying In Idaho

A nearly 7,000-pound load of a green, leafy substance the Idaho State Police intercepted last month at a checkpoint near Boise is staying put in the Gem State. That’s despite a court filing by the company claiming the plants are industrial hemp.

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Matt Guilhem / Boise State Public Radio

The Office of Government Ethics just released guidelines for federal employees during government shutdowns, about three weeks after the government reopened.


Idaho Capitol Dome
Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

A proposal to require all rape kits to be tested in Idaho is one step closer to becoming law.

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Efforts to legalize hemp in the Gem State continue to unfold at the capitol.

Idaho is one of just three states to have no legislation pertaining to the use of hemp. Nebraska and South Dakota are the others. While the federal Farm Bill now treats hemp as a commodity, Idaho statutes don’t share that perspective. The effort underway at the statehouse is to bring Idaho into accord with the federal guidelines.

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Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

Last year, it looked like Idaho could have been in line for a third congressional representative and another vote in the Electoral College. But new projections are casting doubt.

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The Idaho Tax Commission is sending letters to taxpayers asking many of them to prove who they really are. It’s not a scam — it’s an attempt to stop fraud.

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Lacey Daley / Boise State Public Radio

Over the past several months, two proposals that have been on Boise City Council’s radar are a replacement for the Main Library and a sports park that would be built downtown.



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The largest research dairy in the nation is coming to the Magic Valley. Officials say it’s going to focus on the least glamorous aspect of dairy work.

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A man armed with a handgun entered the Henry Pratt Co. in Aurora, Ill., on Friday afternoon and killed five civilians, officials announced at a news conference. Five police officers were also wounded.

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Emilie Ritter Saunders / Boise State Public Radio

The Idaho Legislature is going strong, with almost 300 bills moving through committees. They cover a wide variety of topics, from public education funding to marijuana laws, to liquor license requirements.

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Caribou used to be found in the wilds of old growth forests in the Idaho panhandle. The population would often cross state lines into Washington. Now, there are zero caribou roaming free in the lower 48.



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