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Idaho Congressmen Russ Fulcher, Mike Simpson Vote Against Minimum Wage Hike

The U.S. House Thursday passed a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. Republicans have vowed to block it in the Senate, but Idaho voters might get to weigh in on the issue next fall.

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When wildfires rage, it’s pretty routine to share fire suppression crews across state lines. It turns out that sharing firefighters across national borders is not uncommon either.


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At the annual State of the City address in Twin Falls Tuesday, city leaders outlined important projects they will tackle in the coming year. Mayor Shawn Barigar, who is also president and CEO of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, kicked off the luncheon address to Chamber members and guests.

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The Environmental Protection Agency is expanding the use of an insecticide that is toxic to bees. The move affects more than 17 million acres of farmland in our region.

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Former Ada County Treasurer Vicky McIntyre has taken a plea deal with no jail time after originally being charged with seven felonies for misusing public money.

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The streets of Meridian will soon be filled with the hum and zip of electric scooters. The city recently approved an agreement allowing Bird Scooters to deploy between 100 to 150 scooters at first, but eventually 500.



As temperatures heat up, a familiar and potentially dangerous sight of summer is returning to Brownlee Reservoir.

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In the past few years, suicide rates for firefighters have been climbing. The government doesn’t track employee deaths that happen off duty, but the firefighting community has felt the trend more in recent years.


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Fire season may have started with a bang this weekend, as lightning struck across parts of south and central Idaho.


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A new study that links strict firearms laws with lower rates of child gun deaths shows Idaho to be an outlier in the Mountain West.

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The city of Hailey has long been a leader on sustainability in the Wood River Valley — the city had an employee focused on sustainability efforts a few years ago. But it was only funded temporarily, by a state grant. After the position ended, many of the efforts fell by the wayside.



How one Idaho case could change the way prisons treat transgender inmates.

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Teton School District Drops Its Mascot

The Teton School District is dropping its Redskins mascot. Idaho Ed News reported on the crowded Tuesday night meeting where school trustees voted on the issue. We talk with Kevin Richert from Idaho Ed News about Teton and other Idaho schools that have controversial mascots.

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