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Program Path Failure on KBSU/KBSX

There has been a failure of the primary path for programming audio to reach the transmitters for KBSU 90.3 and KBSX 91.5.    This path is through Idaho Public Television, and the failure is in the IPTV section of this signal path.   This degradation of service began in the 11am hour.

We failed over to the backup programming paths for KBSX 91.5 and KBSU 90.3 shortly after 12pm.   Both of these stations are Mono-only while operating on this backup path. 

KBSU HD-2 (Jazz) does not have a backup programming path to the KBSU transmitter, and will experience interruptions as it remains on the IPTV path.   The Jazz programming is also available as streamed on our website.

EDIT 3:46PM:  IPTV reports the link path is stable, and has traced the cause to a network interface on a microwave radio.  We have returned to normal service.