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Ukrainian folk musicians reflect on war through art

DakhaBrakha, a world music quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. (Andriy Petryna)
DakhaBrakha, a world music quartet from Kyiv, Ukraine. (Andriy Petryna)

War has upended the lives of millions of Ukrainians, including the country’s musicians. But many continue to make art.

Dan Rosenberg, a journalist, radio host and music producer, was assembling a guide to Ukrainian folk music before the war broke out.

After the Russian invasion, the work took on new meaning, and he has remained in touch with artists inside and out of the country.

Music from the segment

Hudaki Village Band

Watch on YouTube.


Watch on YouTube.

Yiddish Glory’s

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Watch on YouTube.

Mariana Sadovska

Watch on YouTube.

This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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