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Ask an Astronaut going to the Moon (Rebroadcast)

NASA's next moon mission is scheduled to launch in November 2024.
NASA's next moon mission is scheduled to launch in November 2024.

It’s been nearly 50 years since an astronaut walked the surface of the moon. NASA plans to change that in the near future. 

The agency recently announced the crew membersfor the upcoming Artemis II Mission – among them, the first woman and person of color to go to the moon. The initial mission objective is to land on the lunar surface in 2025.

According to NASA, this trip will serve as the foundation for its next ambitious mission:send astronauts to Mars.

What goes into preparing for a trip to outer space? What does it feel like to fly on a rocket? And how does it feel to look at Earth from outer space? 

We learn about the lunar mission with a reporter covering the story, then answer your questions about being an astronaut during this edition of our “Ask A” series. 

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Barb Anguiano, Avery Jessa Chapnick, Chris Remington

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