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Are These 10 Stereotypes About Boise Really True? You Decide

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Charles Knowles
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A blogger at the real estate site Movoto asserts there are 10 stereotypes that accurately describe the people of Boise. The blogger says Boiseans secretly think they're better than other Idahoans, that Boiseans are music snobs, and Boiseans can't complain enough about the summer heat.

Is he right?

Last summer we explored what makes Boise a good and not-so-good place to live. Some of the same themes you sent to us, pop up in Movoto's blog post.

Here are the 10 true stereotypes about Boiseans, according to Movoto:

  1. "Boiseans like to keep things weird"
  2. "Boiseans are immune to the 'Northwest Freeze'"
  3. "But Boiseans would push down you and your grandmother to get to the Broncos game on time"
  4. "Boiseans secretly think they're better than the rest of Idaho"
  5. "Boiseans are fitter than you"
  6. "Boiseans are music snobs"
  7. "Boiseans' favorite summer pastime is complaining about the heat"
  8. "Boiseans are just a little bit protective of their city"
  9. "Boiseans are real environmentalists"
  10. "Boiseans are outdoor lovers to the extreme"

Are there stereotypes about Boise the city continues to fight against? What about other stereotypes you think are accurate? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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