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A Wood River Valley Theater Group's New Production Challenges Traditional Theater Expectations

Company Of Fools / Facebook

Antsy toddlers and fussy babies are not typically accepted in live theater. Theater-goers expect an attentive, quiet audience. But Company of Fools, a Wood River Valley theater company, is challenging that expectation.


Their new production of the play Cry It Out, tells a story of motherhood. But they want to make their new production accessible to those who can most relate to the themes: families. So, for their first performance on Tuesday, Sept. 24, the group is welcoming families – babies included – to the theater. 

This production is a partnership between the theater group and St. Luke’s Wood River. Erin Pfaeffle works there, at the Center for Community Health. She told Idaho Matters Monday that this partnership helps get the message out about family health issues. 

“We try to reach people outside of a very typical standard clinic environment,” Pfaeffle says. 

And Company of Fools Director Scott Palmer says this was intentional. 

“The idea was really just to reach out to nonprofits and talk to them a little bit about the themes and messages of the work we’re producing to see if there were any connections to the work they were doing for the community,” Palmer explains. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 24 – the first performance – Cry It Out tickets are “pay what you feel,” opening accessibility to all families. 

For more information on the production, visit the Company of Fools website here.

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