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Klamath County Deals Political Setback to Dam Removal Plan

An agreement to remove four dams on the Klamath River has suffered a political and symbolic setback. Klamath County has voted to pull out of the agreement.

The vote was unanimous. But it’s not clear how Klamath County plans to withdraw from the dam removal deal.

The other signatories say the deal is a binding contract that the county can’t get out of it for at least two more years.

County Commissioner Tom Mallams says his goal is to convince Congress to oppose dam removal on the Klamath. He says a neighboring California county already opposes taking the dams out.  “The only thing we have is public opinion. Public opinion is against this. And now we have two contiguous counties, Klamath County and Siskiyou County, opposing this direction.”

Power company PacifiCorp and other stakeholders signed the deal to remove the dams back in 2010, but congress has yet to act on it.

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