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New Map App Routes Bikers Around Greenbelt Closures

Ada County Highway District
Parts of the Greenbelt remain closed due to damage from flooding.

A new online map is giving Boise bicyclists a break during a time when many of their preferred pathways are closed.

Bikers have faced challenges since much of the Boise Greenbelt closed down due to the flooded Boise River. Though the water is receding, many parts of the 25-mile pathway were damaged by extensive flooding and remain closed.

Finding alternate routes around the handy bike path has been tough, but the Ada County Highway District has a new online map to help.

The app shows bike lanes, shared bike routes and even points out routes that make a more challenging ride. It also has the location of Green Bike and bike repair stations and bus stops.

The app includes a geo-locator that uses GPS on your device or nearby cell towers to triangulate your position on the map.

You can find the map app here.

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