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Bogus Basin To Get More Snow As Winter Rounds Out

Bogus Basin, ski, ski lodge
James Dawson
Boise State Public Radio

Brad Wilson is Bogus Basin’s general manager. He says that before the storm cycle this past week, they had snowfall quite below average. They are now approaching snowfall at around 85 percent average and have a base depth of 57 inches.



"For Bogus Basin, that kind of base depth allows you to ski a vast majority of the mountain, and with 2,600 acres, you now have a lot of terrain to ski off of the groom trails," he says.


Wilson says the snow quality has been terrific this season, and that people shouldn’t be deceived by what they see in their own backyards. Even though weather in the cities has been warmer, he says the resort hasn’t seen anything above temperatures in the 30s.


"Being as close to Boise as we are, that 16 miles makes a huge difference," he says. "I think people tend to equate the current weather at their house with the weather that we have at Bogus Basin, but it is a world apart."


The warmer winter might be coming to a halt as more storms are expected to hit the Valley in the next couple of weeks. This will bring even more snow to Bogus before their annual Presidents Day sale.


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