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To Address Affordable Housing, Bieter Proposes Targeting Short-Term Rentals

Flickr Creative Commons, Kurt Bauschardt

A proposed crackdown on Airbnbs and other short-term rentals by Boise Mayor Dave Bieter would regulate how property owners can rent out their spaces. He hopes any new rules will create more affordable long-term rentals.


But some Boise realtors are pushing back.


Parking, noise and increased traffic caused by short-term rentals are triggering community complaints. The Mayor’s office has responded with proposed regulation of how property owners can rent out their spaces using Airbnb-type services.


But as Bieter told Boise State Public Radio last Monday, “Our overriding goal is to have affordable housing.”


Most agree that affordable housing should be a priority. But Soren Dorius, a director for Boise Regional Realtors, isn’t on board with this particular plan.


“Those are legit concerns that the community has,” Dorius said, “and we want to work with the city to find good answers and solutions that make sense that aren't at the expense of private property rights.”


These property rights he’s talking about? They are at the core of his opposition. Bieter’s proposal would only allow one unit on a property to be up for short-term rental. It would also require the owner to live on the property.


“At the end of the day, it’s a bad policy and it stomps all over private property rights. And we take issue with that,” Dorius said.


Dorius’s group has endorsed one of Bieter’s opponents in the upcoming mayoral race.


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