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What Do You Miss Most About Pre-Pandemic Life?

Brett Sayer

A year into the pandemic, many of us have adjusted in little ways. We’ve grown more accustomed to the masks. We have largely mastered Zoom, even if we sometimes forget to hit “unmute.“

But we still miss a lot from our old lives, and after all this time, that’s become more acute.

The Mountain West News Bureau wants to hear about those things you miss, large and small. Is it meeting strangers? The office coffee maker? Or that family member you haven’t seen in so long?

Please share with us by sending a voice memo or by sending your phone number to reporter Madelyn Beck at madelynbeck@boisestate.edu.

She’ll either take that voice memo or record a call with you to make a collage about what people around the region are missing right now. Hope to hear from you soon!

I'm the regional reporter with the Mountain West News Bureau at Boise State Public Radio.