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Investigative Report On Oregon Justice System Begins At Idaho Border

Malheur Enterprise

On Wednesday, the Malheur Enterprisebroke the story that 35 percent of people deemed to be criminally insane in Oregon and then let out of supervised care were charged with new crimes within three years of their release.

Tom Michael spoke with lead journalist Jayme Fraser, who worked with other reporters and also had support from ProPublica on this investigation.
The criminal case that caused Fraser to begin her investigative reporter centered on Anthony Montwheeler, a man with Idaho connections, who was charged with two murders after he was released from psychiatric care in Oregon. 

In the audio interview above, Fraser described the months her team put into the investigation, the reactions of experts, the history of the Psychiatric Secuirty Review Board and the difference in the goals of the criminal justice system and the healthcare system.
CORRECTION: In January 2019, ProPublica & The Malheur Enterprise issued a correction for factual errors and incorrect data in the original story, first published in November 2018.
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