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Florist, 'Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning)'

Emily Sprague says she and the other members of Florist (Jonnie Baker, Rick Spataro and Felix Walworth) recorded "Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning)" on a screened-in porch. "The nature sounds are live," Sprague shares in a press statement. "The birds really sang along." The result is an exquisite, flickering track that makes reflections on connection and the cosmos, which might otherwise seem trite, sound exceptional. Sprague's voice – soothing, poetic and lucid with compassion – coupled with the band's muted sound, awakens listeners to the beauty and strength that can be found in softness.

The single is an introduction to Florist's new self-titled album, which Sprague says is a continuation of the band's 2017 LP, If Blue Could Be Happiness. "You love to watch them / Now so do I," Sprague sings of blue jays and her late mother on that album's final track, "Red Bird." On "Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning)," Sprague knows the love isn't fleeting: "I can hear you singing still / Wake up in the morning let the morning come / She's in the bird song she won't be gone."

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