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Idaho's Troubling Link Between Prison Recidivism And Unaffordable Housing

Darin Oswald

For men and women returning to society from incarceration, access to affordable housing is key to their success. But with Idaho's tightening rental market already keeping affordable housing out of reach for much of the general public, the risk of prison recidivism continues to rise when former inamtes can't secure sustainability, according to the Prison Policy Initiative

“Somebody who has been incarcerated is more likely to experience homelessness; and it’s been likely for someone experiencing homelessness is to be arrested.”

Kendra Knighten is a policy specialist for Idaho Voices for Children, where she focuses on policy analysis and advocacy in criminal justice, housing, behavioral health and youth engagement. In her previous role, Knighten served as a criminal justice policy adviser to the Idaho governor's office and was appointed to the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission.

Knighten recently penned an op-ed for the Idaho Statesman, titled, "Want to Keep People Out of Idaho Prisons? Affordable Homes Can Help." She spoke with Morning Edition host George Prentice.

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Kendra Knighten
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Kendra Knighten is a policy specialist for Idaho Voices for Children


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