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Boise’s runoff election for mayor is less than two weeks away. Here’s why some Boise residents headed to the polls early to vote.


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Water levels in the aquifer that much of Idaho relies on for irrigation and drinking water have rebounded over the past 10 years.


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The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will be discussing bills to fund programs that help pay for public schools and infrastructure in rural areas this Thursday.

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This past September, pregame introductions for an NFL game between the Colts and Titans were interrupted by a fire on the field.  


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Nearly two weeks after general elections were held, another round of voting starts up Monday in Boise and Caldwell.

Amtrak television commercials in the 1980s showed children playing with toy trains in their bedrooms, urging Americans to ride the rails for family vacations.

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The College of Southern Idaho has received a grant from Idaho's Workforce Development Council to expand its non-traditional teacher certification program that began last year with 19 students.


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The 2020 census count is coming, and it will determine where funding goes for things like schools, emergency services and health care. For the last several census counts, though, American Indians and Alaska Natives were the most undercounted ethnic group, limiting their access to funds.



Boise mayoral candidate Lauren McLean announced Tuesday after their debate that she won’t debate incumbent Dave Bieter ahead of the runoff election next month.


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Blaine County’s Hunger Coalition is set to purchase a new building across the street from its Bellevue location that will triple the size of its current space.

Brigham Young University-Idaho, the state’s largest private university, no longer counts Medicaid as an acceptable form of health insurance for full-time students who are required to have coverage while enrolled.

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The term “dark money” refers to political donations to nonprofit organizations that are not required to disclose their donors. While it’s not illegal, it can raise some ethical questions.



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Incumbent Boise Mayor Dave Bieter and City Council President Lauren McLean didn’t pull any punches at the first candidate forum held since a runoff became official last week.

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

An analysis of dams around the United States shows that nearly 1,700 are reaching dangerous levels of disrepair, including dozens in the Mountain West.


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Last year, on a warm Saturday evening in Boise, Idaho, Timmy Earl Kinner Jr. walked into the birthday party of a family. In a random attack, he stabbed nine people, including the birthday girl Ruya Kadir. That little girl died at just three years old.

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Disgraced former lawmaker, John McGee, says he will not challenge Caldwell’s decision to hold a runoff election to decide a city council race.

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 Boise Mayor Dave Bieter came out swinging Monday in an interview about his upcoming runoff election. Appearing on Boise State Public Radio’s Idaho Matters, he criticized is opponent, City Council President Lauren McLean.



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For more than 20 years, studying guns and health has been a challenge for the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention.

National Centers for Environmental Information

Last month was the coldest October on record in Idaho, according to NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. Records for statewide average temperatures date back to 1895.


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If a wildfire was threatening your home, would you evacuate? What if the threat was only about the smoke, would your answer change?


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There are nearly 100 American Legion posts in Idaho. And on Veterans Day - from Aberdeen to Wendell - Idaho veterans are gathering to honor one another's service. But most Idahoans are unaware that one of the most engaged American Legion posts is behind the walls of the Idaho State Correctional Center, the huge men's prison south of Boise.

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State lawmakers are considering moving the legislature’s independent watchdog division under their supervision.

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Removing fallen trees and burning debris along the river banks may seem like a humdrum part of river maintenance, but Steve Stuebner with Boise River Flood Control District #10 said this yearly upkeep is a key factor in preventing disaster. 

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The historic results of the mayoral race in Boise on Tuesday brings attention to the role money plays in local political campaigns. 

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Gov. Brad Little is ordering most state agencies to cut their budget requests for next year in the face of an uncertain economy.