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The Camp Fire erupted in Paradise, California one year ago and displaced about 50,000 people. Many stayed in Butte County, but others moved away, in search of affordable places to live. Sunni Hutchison was evacuated last year and is now living in Twin Falls.

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November 9,1989, Germans tore down the Berlin Wall that separated communist east Germany from the West. It was the beginning of the end of the Cold War. On the 30th anniversary, we hear from Idaho resident and an East German immigrant, Franziska Borders, who witnessed history firsthand and now teaches German at Boise State University. 

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Waitress, the smash musical currently playing on Broadway, is about to launch a new North American tour, and its first stop is Boise's Morrison Center. The show, featuring a score penned by pop star Sara Bareilles, stars Bailey McCall who pours her heart into her pies, such as "The Key (Lime) to Happiness Pie" and "My Husband is a Jerk Chicken Pot Pie."

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Incumbent mayor Dave Bieter and City Council President Lauren McLean will go head to head in this historic race next month. But preparing for the election on short-term notice will be challenging.


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A group of Idaho lawmakers have finalized their recommendations on how the state should pay for Medicaid expansion, with counties expected to pony up for part of the bill.

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The U.S. accepted zero refugees in October. That’s after the Trump administration has set a year-long cap on refugees at 18,000, the lowest number since the modern refugee program began with the Refugee Act of 1980.


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Over the weekend, about 20 people gathered in front of the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center in Burley to protest the death of an inmate that occurred in January.




New York Times bestselling author and Idaho native Cynthia Hand’s ninth book comes out today.


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After being stuffed in a neglected corner of the Idaho Capitol where staff was the main audience, an exhibit on the state’s first women legislators is moving to a new home.

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State rankings are out for 2019 ACT test scores. For the Mountain West, it’s a mixed bag.


elections, voting, vote booth
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Following a long list of candidate forums, countless stump speeches and tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funding, we're now just one day away from Election Day 2019. The highest-profil race in Idaho is contest to determine who will be the mayor of Boise. While incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter is seeking a history-setting fifth term, he has plenty of competition: six opponents.

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Earlier this fall, San Francisco International Airport banned the sale of plastic water bottles. SFO is instead stocking its shelves with alternatives: bottles made of aluminum, glass or compostable material.



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Ada County has hosted a mobile voting unit since 2016. 

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A new national report from Georgetown University shows children in the U.S. lost health insurance at a rapid rate during the past two years. The researchers say this trend emerged as states started dismantling and repealing segments of the Affordable Care Act.


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Enrollment for Idaho’s voter-approved Medicaid expansion officially begins Friday. For the next several weeks, St. Luke’s will be helping people fill out Medicaid enrollment forms at locations in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Twin Falls.

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Mayor Dave Bieter is already Boise's longest-serving chief executive. But he says his public service is far from over. That's why he's running for a precedent-setting term of office.

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An Idaho District Court judge will now have to decide whether or not top legislators can even bring a lawsuit against the state treasurer without both the House and Senate signing off on the case.

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Update on 11/25/19: The House Judiciary Committee passed this bill last week 18-12. Co-sponsors hope it receives a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives soon.


A bipartisan group of House lawmakers, including Idaho representative Mike Simpson, introduced the Farm Workforce Modernization Act on Wednesday that would make it easier for farmworkers to gain legal status.


Courtesy Lauren McLean

Boise City Councilwoman Lauren McLean said people had encouraged her for years to "step into the arena." But it wasn't until this past May that she formally decided to challenge Boise Mayor Dave Bieter in this year's general election.

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The number of people who consider themselves Christian continues to fall around the U.S., including in the West.


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Twenty-four snow guns whir up and down the slopes at Bogus Basin. The machines look like giant fans spewing clouds of snow.


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Adriel Martinez is one of six men and women challenging incumbent Dave Bieter in the race to see who should be the Mayor of Boise. Martinez isn't a stranger to politics. In 2015, he ran an unsuccessful race against Boise City Councilman Scot Ludwig. Now, Martinez has his eye on Boise's top job.

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Boise’s former chief lobbyist was actively directing city staff on projects while simultaneously working for Mayor Dave Bieter’s re-election campaign earlier this summer.

Courtesy Cortney Nielsen

Cortney Nielsen is one of the seven men and women running to be Boise's mayor. She's a political novice. She says she's running for Boise's top job because people want, in her words, "fresh, new ideas."