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The escalating trade tensions with China are not only impacting the national economy – they’re hitting Idaho businesses.

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On a late afternoon in September 2015, a 27-year-old transgender inmate named Adree Edmo wrote a note in her cinder block prison cell in Idaho. She wanted to be clear that what she was about to do was not an attempt at suicide.


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Street closures are pretty common these days around Boise with all of the road work going on. But it’s not every day traffic gets diverted due to a house in the middle of the street. That’s exactly what’s been happening behind St. Luke’s Hospital since early May, though.

Idaho Gold Mine, Yellow Pine Pit
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The Stibnite Foundation was recently established with nearly $1 million from Midas Gold, the company hoping to reopen the Stibnite mine in west-central Idaho. But there’s an ethical quandary over whether or not the foundation ties local cities and counties too closely to the mine’s success or failure.



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The debate about what Canyon County should do to address its jail problem continues to swirl. Local officials are hosting a series of town hall meetings ahead of a bond measure set to go before voters Tuesday, May 21.


The Bureau of Land Management has banned fireworks and exploding targets this summer in Idaho.

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Kayakers, rafters and boaters beware: a logjam is causing a safety hazard on one of Idaho’s most popular whitewater rivers.

Preservation Idaho

Boise’s North End neighborhood could be expanding by several homes. Plans are in the works to turn a historic property once owned by the Salvation Army into a residential development.

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Boise will be without Doppler weather radar coverage for three weeks starting at the end of May.

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Idaho postal workers will be carrying more than mail Saturday as they collect items for the 27th Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. 

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Idaho’s Health and Welfare Department says some of their clients’ personal information may have been compromised.



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If you’ve seen naked-looking trees up and down the Highway 55 corridor, they’re not necessarily dead. 


An outbreak of Douglas-fir tussock moth is in its final year, but affected trees in the Boise and Payette National Forests aren't out of the proverbial woods just yet.



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The Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve protects one of the darkest places in the United States and provides stargazers a pristine view of the heavens. Communities in and around the reserve recently signed on to a management plan for the sprawling reserve.

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A Boise park and part of the city’s foothills will officially be renamed in honor of the region’s original inhabitants.

Salmon-Challis National Forest app

The Salmon-Challis National Forest joins just 34 forests nationwide that have its own smartphone app.



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At the end of April, a special boat used by the Boise Fire Department to perform swift-water rescues on the Boise River was severely damaged in an accident. The loss of the boat will change how the agency performs river rescues.

Meridian Library

The Meridian Library is a winner of the highest honor that can be given to museums and libraries across the country.

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A small group of high school freshman staged a walkout this week at Teton High in Driggs. The students’ demonstration reignited debate about the school’s controversial mascot.

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Idaho Fish and Game biologists are catching and tagging female sage grouse to see how they are doing after the 2018 Grassy Ridge Fire that occured 15 miles northwest of St. Anthony.

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New population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate growth in the Magic Valley is cooling.

Hecla Mining

Idaho’s Surface Mining Act was amended by a bill passed during this year’s legislative session. The Idaho Department of Lands, or IDL, will hold public meetings this summer where the public can provide their comment on the details of how those rules will be implemented.




Scientists have discovered planets in other solar systems that look like Jupiter, but are much closer to their star. A planetary astronomer is coming to Boise to talk about these so-called “Hot Jupiters.”

Les Bois Park Live Horse Racing
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Horse racing was a fixture of the Treasure Valley for decades, but the sound of hooves on turf hasn’t been heard at the track since 2015.

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Tundra swans are dying along the Coeur d’Alene River floodplain. But this isn't a new problem.

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On Tuesday, Mayor David Bieter announced Boise has been certified as a “Welcoming City” by the national nonprofit Welcoming America. The organization helps communities become more inclusive, especially with immigrants. Boise is only the fifth city in the nation to receive this recognition.