Alex Ravella

Production Assistant

Alex is a senior at Boise State University, majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Media Production. She plans on working in the film industry as an editor and dreams of eventually being a director. Alex is passionate about creative storytelling and the magic of film and sound. In addition to production and editing, she is assisting in the creation of local Sonic ID’s.

Alex Ravella / Boise State Public Radio

We are pleased to introduce a new feature you can hear playing each Friday on Boise State Public Radio, called Sonic IDs. "Sonics" are short sound portraits that weave throughout the broadcast day, highlighting the people, places, activities and stories of our region.

 A special one-hour documentary about the history of KBSU, more than 40 years in the making! 

 In 1976, a group of students at Boise State University met with a plan to start a student-run FM radio station, with an ambitious goal: “to bring progressive radio to a town that didn’t have it.” This music-rich, true-life retrospective follows the station’s founders as they retrace the history of KBSU from its rowdy beginnings, through the infamous "Takeover," to the well-earned praise and present-day accolades for the little student station that grew to become Boise State Public Radio. 

Aaron Rodriguez / flickr

Looking back on the experience of Treefort this past weekend, Boise State Public Radio captured this audio postcard.