• Newsroom Intern

    Roam is an English Major in his senior year at Boise State. He is an avid public radio listener and enjoys photography and creative writing. He hopes to pursue some kind of graduate degree in the future, though he isn’t sure exactly which yet....

  • News Reporter/Show Producer

    Samantha Wright is a news reporter and the host for Boise State Public Radio's new weekly podcast, "Legislative Breakdown".

    Her spot reporting, special projects, and audio production have been featured on Voice of America, National...

  • Host

    Tamara is the host of KBSU 90.3 fm's Saturday morning music show "Open Range Radio."

  • General Manager

    Tom Michael joined Boise State Public Radio in 2016 as General Manager. As the executive director of the radio network, he is responsible for its management and leadership.

    Tom arrives from West Texas with more than a decade of...

  • Host

  • Assistant Membership Manager

    Vida Smith has been with Boise State Public Radio since March 2004. She has been Boise State Public Radio's assistant membership manager since July 2012. Vida was previously our capital campaign coordinator, marketing manager, and...