Chelan Lippincott

Broadcast Society Manager

Chelan Lippincott is responsible for stewarding Broadcast Society members, our philanthropic giving club that has a major impact on our ability to create an informed and engaged public.

Before joining Boise State Public Radio in 2018, Chelan supported fundraising teams at many regional public radio stations, including Northwest Public Broadcasting, KEXP, KBCS and KUOW. Some of her key achievements were snagging an internship at the inimitable KEXP, creating the first monthly-giving program at KBCS, designing one of the first mid-level giving programs in the NPR network at KUOW and serving on the Young Professionals in Public Media Advisory board.

Chelan considers herself a "public radio lifer" and looks forward to seeing the industry through rapid changes in technology, media, communications and journalism. Her commitment to public radio is reinforced by the idea that stories open doors to understanding we might not otherwise have.

Some of Chelan's greatest non-professional achievements include obtaining a Perfect Attendance ribbon in grade school, surviving a flight caught in a Nor'easter, attempting a summit of Mount Rainier and remodeling a kitchen.