Kelsey Black

Chief Engineer | Director of Engineering Broadcast Technology

Kelsey joined Boise State Public Radio in May of 2017 as our Senior Broadcast Engineer. He originated in Arizona, where he got his first start in radio as a traffic manager at a small town AM/FM combo station shortly after high school. While there, he wore many additional hats, including production manager and staff engineer. It wasn't long before the appetite for more grew and the current radio journey began.

Kelsey enjoys innovating, and solving complex issues, which makes broadcast engineering a perfect fit as his career. He is a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and an Amateur Radio operator. Hobbies include include high power amateur rocketry, astronomy, and many things where electrons are found to flow.

Kelsey Black / Boise State Public Radio

This week, engineering staff is on site at our KBSJ 91.3 (News) Jackpot, NV transmitter site as a tower crew is conducting reinforcement work of our KBSJ tower.