Molly Wampler

Idaho Matters Production Assistant

Molly Wampler is a newsroom intern at Boise State Public Radio. Originally from Berkeley, California, she just graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state. There, Molly worked for her university's newspaper but is stoked to try her hand at and learn all there is to learn about radio journalism.

In her free time, Molly loves biking, cooking, and figuring out what she actually likes to do for fun now that weekends aren't monopolized by schoolwork.

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There's no question we're living through historic times. And to record it, the Idaho State Historical Society has opened up an online portal for Idahoans across the state to share their stories of this time. 

Idaho STEM Action Center, coronavirus, masks, mask
Idaho STEM Action Center

The Idaho STEM Action Center helps give Idahoans the training they need to enter science, technology, engenierring or math-related fields. The coronavirus pandemic has disturbed their normal operations, but has also given way to new initiatives, including STEM at Home, Idaho Codes, and #IdahoMakersUnite creating 3D printed face masks for hospitals. 

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We’re excited to share the most recent episode of our podcast Wanna Know Idaho. The podcast explores the curious elements of life in Idaho… with you, our listeners! This month, we answer the question, “How can I help out right now?”

City of Good, kin, coronavirus, volunteering, helping

Michael Kramer-Duffield had just moved to Idaho and was looking for work in the restaurant industry when COVID-19 swept through. He's out of work, but like many of us, getting antsy and knows he could be putting his free time to use.

"Public health officials tell us that the biggest thing we can do to help our community is to just stay at home," he said. But there had to be ways for him to help safely right now, which led him to ask Wanna Know Idaho

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Ada County Medical Society via Youtube


The Ada County Medical Society runs the Physician Vitality Program, a way for doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners in Ada County to get access to mental health care. Now, in response to COVID-19, they are expanding their services to less-resourced parts of Idaho. 

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Boiseans might recognize her from her 2019 art installation “Open Air Archive” which pasted portraits of refugees and immigrants on the sides of buildings across Boise last spring. Now, artist Angie Smith is working on her latest photography project, “19 Love Stories,” which is documenting through photography the experiences of Boiseans during self-isolation. 

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The Boise Bicycle Project has a new friend in the Treasure Valley. The Nampa Bicycle Project is up and running and is now fully established as a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

Idaho State University


Most college students dread group projects. Dividing the work evenly is always hard, and even basic communication can be stressful. Idaho State University professor Alex Bolinger researches groups and teams, and for his honors class, he thought a textbook wouldn’t suffice. 

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As a response to the coronavirus pandemic and widespread layoffs, Idaho Power has declared it will not be disconnecting power for those who fail to pay their bill. That’s one of several changes Idaho Power has made to the way it runs the state’s power grid. 


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Between the technology and the logistics, transitioning quickly to work-from-home as a radio station is not easy. Community radio station Radio Boise has over one hundred radio programmers and DJs, which takes a lot of coordination, even in pre-pandemic times. 

Vanessa Fry

Overnight, the coronavirus turned us parents into teachers, responsible for facilitating our kids’ education while also working from home ourselves. This has not been easy. But, there are moments of joy in the challenges. 

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Since 1932, the Natural Resources Conservation Service has collected and published updates about snowpack, precipitation, reservoirs and streamflow in Idaho. This data in part helps the agriculture industry prepare for the coming months. 

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Quarantine is stressful for everyone, but for some, being cooped up alone with no school or work as an escape is dangerous. And that is the reality for some Idahoans: those currently quarantined with an abusive partner or parent. 

Boise Rock School


The Boise Rock School has been teaching music and band-making principles since 2008. Now, the coronavirus has moved nearly 400 students online. That’s significant when their programs are set up to feel like band practice, which is the way the school has found their students learn best. 

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The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting every facet of our lives. With a recession on the horizon and unemployment through the roof, the survival of entire sectors of the economy are now at risk. Arts organizations and other creative businesses like restaurants and tech startups are facing challenges similar to the 2008 Great Recession.  


COVID-19 is taking most of our attention now, but in the midst of it all, another crisis is on the horizon: it’s almost wildfire season in Idaho. 

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While stress is a part of life, long term stress can cause negative health outcomes, such as digestive and sleep disorders, headaches, and anxiety, depression and other mental illness. 


And with widespread isolation, as well as fear and uncertainty, the coronavirus pandemic is causing long-term stress in many individuals. 

Governor Brad Little’s Stay Home order banned discretionary travel, but as Molly Wampler reports some rural communities are still frustrated with visitors coming into their towns.

Idaho Statesman

Governor Brad Little’s stay home order banned discretionary travel, but some rural communities are still frustrated with visitors coming into their towns. For folks in towns like McCall and Riggins, this influx of visitors is dangerous. 

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Idaho Matters is working on a story about how families are dealing with school closures during the coronavirus outbreak. And we need your help! 

Applications for unemployment insurance in Idaho are up thirteen hundred percent from just last week. Molly Wampler has more on how the Idaho Department of Labor is addressing this growing need.


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Troy Oppie / Boise State Public Radio

Applications for unemployment insurance in Idaho are up 1300% from just last week. 

Boise State Public Radio

The coronavirus is reaching deeper into Idaho as the number of confirmed cases continue to rise. In the midst of all this, Facebook is becoming the meeting space for information and community support.

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There are now cases of coronavirus in all 50 states. With no definitive federal orders but rather recommendations, states and localities have been left to their own to decide how to handle the pandemic in their area. Idaho has made no statewide restrictions but has announced guidelines for folks. 

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Anne Helen Petersen is a senior culture writer at BuzzFeed News, She's based in Montana. Petersen has been covering the culture of the coronavirus, specifically how Americans got to this point in the crisis and why so many of us are having a hard time convincing loved ones to care about this pandemic.