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Samantha Wright is a news reporter and producer for Idaho Matters.

Her spot reporting, special projects, and audio production have been featured on Voice of America, National Public Radio News, This American Life, National Native News, the Northwest Radio Network and on The New York Times website. Samantha earned a Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Use of Sound for her feature “Co-op Cooks.”  She also earned a first place award for Use of Sound for her feature “Canning Makes a Comeback” from PRNDI - Public Radio News Directors Incorporated. Samantha was a co-producer of the Idaho StoryCorps Project. The project was recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists.

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Every year, the “Idaho Gives Day” showcases dozens of Idaho non-profits and encourages people to donate to keep them alive. This year, the one-day event has been expanded to two weeks to try to help nonprofits during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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As we continue to cover the coronavirus pandemic, we know many of you have questions and concerns about how to stay healthy and how to protect your community. The best way to answer those questions with facts is to bring on Idaho’s medical experts. 

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Idaho Matters begins today with Governor Brad Little’s noon press conference, outlining his response to layoffs, a tightened state budget and strapped small businesses amid the coronavirus crisis. 

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Between the coronavirus and the Idaho State Legislature, this week has been one of the most news-heavy the state has seen in a while. 

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We've asked you to submit any questions you have about Coronavirus in Idaho, and you stepped up. With news (and mis-information) coming out every hour, it’s more important than ever that we provide the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

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UPDATE: March 13, 4:45 p.m. Since this segment aired, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare announced the first case of COVID-19 in Idaho. Click here to learn more

Between Coronavirus and the Idaho Legislature, there's lots to discuss on this week's Reporter Roundtable. Listen to hear reporter Don Day from BoiseDev, Scott McIntosh and Cynthia Sewell from the Idaho Statesman along with James Dawson and Frankie Barnhill of Boise State Public Radio to break down this week in news. 

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We know about the delegates back in 1889 who wrote Idaho’s constitution. But who actually wrote it down, putting pen to paper to capture it for posterity?

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Lori Vallow had her first court appearance in Idaho Friday. The Idaho woman is facing charges in the disappearance of her two children.

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This week's Reporter Roundtable has a little bit of everything from the week's news: abortion funding at the state legislature, possible restrictions for transgender athletes in Idaho, state officials preparing for coronavirus spread and the arraingment of an Eastern Idaho woman in connection to the disappearance of her children. 



For the last few years, scientists have been studying “fast radio bursts” in the night sky. These are radio pulses from space that are only milliseconds long. 

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 In July, NASA plans to launch the next Mars rover into space. 

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Last week, we spoke to the former head of St. Luke’s health system about how hospitals are preparing for COVID-19, or the coronavirus. There are no coonfirmed cases of the virus in the state yet, but state officials are preparing for that to change. 

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Today on the Idaho Matters Reporter Roundtable, Boise State Public Radio's Heath Druzin, KIVI's Mike Sharp and BoiseDev's Don Day chat legislature news and more. 

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The coronavirus — officially called COVID-19 — is continuing to spread around the globe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 15 cases in the U.S., including three cases of person-to-person transmission unrelated to global travel.

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Sex education in public schools is often a controversial topic. Questions of what to teach, how to teach it, and when to teach it are sensitive subjects for many parents.

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With the Idaho legislature in full swing, there is much to discuss on this week's Reporter Roundtable. 

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“We, the people of the state of Idaho, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare do establish this Constitution…”

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Should the four Lower Snake River dams be torn down? The debate has been going on for decades. 

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Amber Pence was Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s intergovernmental affairs aide before she left his office to work on his reelection campaign. 

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When more than 2,000 firefighters start climbing 69 flights of stairs in Seattle on March 8, each one will have their own reasons why they race to the top of the Columbia Center. 

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Happy Valentine's Day Reporter Roundtable! Today we're joined by Boise State Public Radio's Madelyn Beck, Idaho Ed News's Kevin Richert and the Idaho Statesman's Nicole Foy. They break down what happened at the Idaho state legislature this week as a flurry of bills received initial hearings.

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Want to help save declining bees and butterflies? Or maybe you're curious about raising chickens for fresh eggs, or how to compost like a pro? 

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For this week's Reporter Roundtable, Idaho Matters brings the Boise Weekly's Harrison Berry, the Idaho Press's Betsy Russel and our own James Dawson to break down the week in headlines. 

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Just how old are Saturn’s rings? You might think that would be an easy question to answer. But apparently in the scientific world, there’s quite a divide over this topic.

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It's time for another Reporter Roundtable here on Idaho Matters.