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You Know The Place
Podcast: Thursdays (in season)

Every day, you drive by hundreds of businesses you've never stopped at, shopped at or (sometimes) even noticed. That's where we come in. From crematories to coffee buses, bee farms to bodegas, shooting ranges to scuba lessons, You Know The Place explores the Idaho stores, shops, clubs, and pubs you always pass by, but never seem to visit.

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Latest Episodes
  • To close out the 6th season, LD & Joel make a trip to American Ostrich Farms. We know what you're thinking and we have a few answers: yes, it's red meat, no, you can't ride them and, surprise, it actually doesn't taste like chicken.
  • Once guests have left Zoo Boise for the day, the gates are locked and dinner bowls are set out – it's relatively calm and quiet. But as the sun fades and the temperature drops, a noticeable shift takes place.
  • LD & Joel are determined to figure out who is behind the hundreds of marble sculptures in that parking lot along Overland. Little do they know, the sculptures are only the beginning. Also: No "nudities" out front, inside, upstairs or maybe even in Idaho?
  • LD & Joel pack up the pillows and blankets for a trip out to Parma where they meet the "Popcorn Queen" herself and get an extra show from above in the midnight sky.
  • Joel & LD kick out of the studio and ollie their way downtown in this one. Who are we kidding? That is not true because this is not that kind of podcast, people. Our hosts are in their 30s, for goodness sake! But if they learned anything here, it's this: There's no lying in skateboarding.
  • Happy Thanksgiving from LD & Joel! We wanted to do something special for this episode, which is why we're handing the mic over to our friends at City Cast Boise as they chat about one of our *favorite* local spots: WinCo!
  • Women of Wool. Women of Steel? And what about Twisted Kitchen & Twisted District? Joel & LD sort out what's yarn, what's metal and what's just twisted on this field trip. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast & visit our website! And maybe follow us on Instagram — we're pretty clever there.
  • We know you have questions: How many golf cars is too many golf cars? Since when are they golf cars and not golf carts? Did LD & Joel put a down payment on a YKTP cart? We've got answers.
  • Have you ever watched curling during the Olympics and thought, "I could do that?" Yeah, Joel too. But as he learned from the gracious members of Boise Curling Club, it's so much more than a big game of icy shuffleboard.
  • This isn't goodbye, it's see you later — yes, that's a wrap on Season 5, YKTPers. And we're sending you off with a little ditty that withstands the test…