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Idaho Legislator Introduces 'Pre-Emptive' Strike To Protect Religious Freedom

Lynn Luker
Idaho Legislature

Idaho lawmakers and conservative Christian allies contend their faith is under siege by gays, lesbians and the government, so they're launching a "pre-emptive" strike to bolster rights of licensed professionals to refuse service to somebody they conclude violates their religious beliefs.

On Tuesday, Rep. Lynn Luker introduced a measure to shield religious people from the threat of having their professional licenses revoked for declining service.

Luker, a Boise Republican, knows of no Idaho example where this has arisen.

Still, he points to efforts by gays and lesbians elsewhere seeking to end discrimination against them as a sign that Idaho must act quickly to protect the faithful — before something arises closer to home.

The issue is coming, Luker says — "whether it's 10 years, or 15 years, or two years."