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Brody Leads Contributions In Idaho Supreme Court Race

Campaign finance reports show that Idaho Supreme Court candidate Robyn Brody has raised more than $177,000, but her campaign will be giving a small portion of that back because some contributions violated the state's campaign laws.

Brody received $27,000 from four farm-related companies all tied to one owner. Idaho's Sunshine Law prohibits donors from giving more than $10,000 to statewide candidates during primary or general elections, including banning aggregated contributions.

Deputy Secretary of State Tim Hurst says Brody is expected to file an amended report Wednesday.

As of Tuesday, Brody had spent $42,156 of her campaign funds. This leaves her with more money on hand than her three other opponents combined in the last week leading up to the May 17 election.

Clive Strong, a longtime deputy attorney general, raised roughly $51,000. Curt McKenzie, a Republican state senator, raised nearly $16,400 and Sergio Gutierrez, a judge on Idaho's Court of Appeals, raised a little under $13,000.

Idaho bans judicial candidates from directly asking for campaign contributions in an effort to insulate judges. Instead, justice candidates are only allowed to solicit contributions through a committee.