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Idaho Senate OKs 'Stand Your Ground' Bill

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Stephen Velasco
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Idaho Republican senators have signed off on a bill that would expand legal cover for those who hurt or kill someone in self-defense.


The party line vote on the so-called “Stand Your Ground” bill endorses allowing residents to defend their homes or their families.


Those who attempt to break into a person’s house, business or occupied car would be automatically assumed to be committing a felony.


That’s important because it means it could be justifiable to use deadly force against them.


People also wouldn’t have to run away from a would-be intruder before defending themselves under the bill.


Supporters say Idaho case law already upholds many parts of the bill, but they want it enshrined in state code. Democrats who voted against the measure say it goes too far.


Some who testified against the plan earlier this week want full criminal immunity if they hurt someone – not just a presumption of innocence.


The bill now needs approval from the House.


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