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Stand Your Ground Heads To Idaho Governor's Desk

John Miller
Associated Press

Idaho could soon adopt its own "stand your ground" law after House lawmakers sent the bill to Governor Butch Otter’s desk Tuesday.

The bill would legally protect someone who uses deadly force while defending their home, business or occupied car. That person doesn't need to know an intruder's intent before using deadly force -- even if they had entered the home or business accidentally.

Arguing against the bill, Boise Democratic Representative Ilana Rubel said she had an uncle with dementia who would sometimes wander around the neighborhood…

“And would go into people’s homes. He would get very confused, think it was his home and go in. Completely harmless man, 80-year-old man, very feeble, but entering homes unlawfully by stealth,” said Rubel.

She says she’s afraid people like her uncle would be at risk under the proposal.

But Midvale Republican Representative Judy Boyle, who sponsored the bill, says it will protect people and property.

“This is a constitutional right to defend yourself and so it always has a lot of passion with this. A reasonable person would realize an 80-year-old that’s very feeble that’s wandered into your house is not a serious threat to your life and they would act accordingly,” said Boyle.

All 11 Democrats in the House, and one Republican voted against the bill.

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