AAA Idaho Says Mid-Week 4th Of July Will See Record Number Of Travelers

Jun 29, 2018

Some 247,000 Idaho residents are expected to hit the road and go 50 miles or more for the July 4 holiday.
Credit Mike Laren / Flickr

The 4th of July falling in the middle of the week allows for a range of travel options. Experts predict a record number of people will be on the move for Independence Day.

About 247,000 Idaho residents are expected to drive 50 miles or more as they celebrate the Fourth. Nationwide, 47 million people will be hitting the road to take in fireworks, barbecues and a yearly dose of John Philip Sousa.

Falling on a Wednesday, AAA Idaho Public Affairs Director Matthew Conde says this 4th of July is all about options.

“You’re looking at a situation where, this weekend or next weekend you could do some travel,” Conde says.

AAA estimates it’ll assist around 362,000 stranded drivers around the Fourth nationwide.

Should you breakdown, Conde has a pro tip for summer driving: Bring extra water!

“It helps people and pets stay hydrated,” says Conde. “You can douse a campfire. You can put out a fire caused by a wayward firework. You can top off a radiator.”

For many, beer and Independence Day go hand in hand. Conde says people should enjoy the holiday, but be smart.

“The biggest thing is to make sure we’re not mixing our alcohol too heavily with fireworks, boating and driving,” says the AAA spokesman.

In other words: “You should not hold a beverage and try to steer a boat,” according to Conde.

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