ACHD Commission To Vote On Updated Plan For Boise ‘Smart’ Parking Meters

Feb 25, 2015

The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is looking to resolve a year-and-a-half long dispute with the City of Boise. On Wednesday, the five member commission will vote on a revamped plan to allow the city to install high-tech parking meters on its sidewalks.

Boise's mayor and city council want to replace old parking meters with "smart" meters that take credit cards and can sense when a car has left the spot.
Credit Jeff Kubina / Flickr Creative Commons

The issue of installing the technology has been contentious, including threats of legal action by the city over control of the meters. But with the election of two new ACHD commissioners in November, it looks like the new parking meters are one step closer to being installed throughout the downtown.

ACHD spokesman Craig Quintana says the county agency is hoping to begin a better relationship with the city, beginning with tonight’s decision.

"I think everyone hopes this can go through, that it might be a first step in getting on better footing between the two agencies," Quintana says.

ACHD owns the streets in the city, which was a source of conflict when Boise wanted to install high-tech sensors in the streets in 2013. The sensors are wirelessly connected to the new parking meters, and send a signal to the device when a car leaves the space. The technology is used to wipe clean any unused time paid by a previous driver, so when a new car pulls in to a spot, it starts without a credit on the meter.

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